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National Wine & Cheese Day

Hi Wine Lovers,

My name is Katherine and I’d like to welcome you to The Good Drop Wine Shoppe’s Wine Blog. In honor of National Wine and Cheese Day, I thought I would break down the harmonious relationship between cheese and wine. 

Rule #1… Don’t overanalyze cheese and wine pairings, it’s best to learn from trying what you like and don’t like. 

Rule #2… Funkier cheese= sweeter wines.

Rule #3… Pair wines and cheeses that have equal intensity, that way one doesn’t overshadow the other. A good rule of thumb is higher alcohol wines= more intense cheeses.

Rule #4… When in doubt, pair your wine and cheese combination with Pringle’s. The saltiness cuts the cheese’s creaminess in a balanced and yummy way.

Here’s a few good suggestions…

Pinot Noir & Gruyere

The smooth red berry fruit flavors from Pinot Noirs are complemented by the nutty and rich flavors of gruyere. Talk about a match made in heaven!

Bubbles & Brie

The soft texture of brie cut by the sharp, ripe acidity of sparkling wines creates a balanced sensory experience. In my mind, this is a perfect contrast for warm summer evening appetizer.

Cabernet Sauvignon & Aged Cheddar

A big cheddar needs a wine to elevate the intensity by matching its flavor profile. I find the dry tannins in a good cab balances out the fattiness of an aged cheddar.

Sauvignon Blanc & Goat Cheese

Goat cheese is the perfect blank canvas for the citrus and mineral notes of a Sauvignon Blanc. This particular wine’s complexity brings out an herbal characteristic from the heaviness of goat cheese. 

And Lastly, My Personal Favorite…. Fondue Cheese & Pinot Blanc

The compelling origin of Pinot Blanc has instilled a curiosity in me. It started with a cluster of Pinot Noir grapes that began to turn white, zero interference, and came to be the light-bodied and dry white wine it is today. The airy and crisp expression of Pinot Blanc cuts the thick creaminess in fondue cheese.

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The Good Drop Girls

P.S. I hope this blog post made you thirsty and hungry 🙂