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Sparkle of Intrigue

Dear Wine Lovers,
Welcome back to The Good Drop Wine Shoppe’s wine blog. It’s Katherine, again, and I am here today to talk all things bubbles. I am going to spotlight one of The Good Drop Girls’ favorite Champagne House, Krug. What is a Champagne House you might ask?

According to Grandes Marques & Maisons de Champagne…. A ‘Champagne House’ is an agricultural and/or industrial and commercial business (but not exclusively agricultural) that commands the human and natural resources required to produce Grande Marque Champagne for distribution worldwide.

About a month ago I started reading the Krug Champagne book, Rock, Pepper, Scissors. With this read, I took a trip from my couch and followed the pepper trail. From Mexico to the world, this book takes you on a journey in Oaxaca with Krug’s Cellar Master Eric Lebél and 13 Krug Chefs. This journey starts and ends in Oaxaca, the land of seven moles, and explores the essence and origin of pepper. From page to plate this read has taken me on a mouth-watering journey of self-exploration.

The Krug Chefs travel around Mexico to test the versatility of Champagne and pepper through unearthing local cuisine secrets. They begin to adopt the Oaxacan way, where method and inspiration go hand in hand, therefore influencing Krug’s impact on taste. Throughout my read, I was driven by a veritable feast to my senses each page, and I believe I became a part of the story. Something that resonated with me was when the Chefs said that diversity translates to the plate… but, I would say that diversity also translates to the glass. Whether it’s a tenth generation winemaker in Germany, or an ambitious young woman farming her own wine in Argentina.. wine inherently tells a story of culture, upbringing, growth, experience, and diversity.

From soil to the market, this story is one of authenticity and intrigue that brings legacy, past, and present to the table. The Chefs encourage my curiosity of the exquisite harmonies between Krug Champagnes and pepper by creating a handful of unique pairings. The pepper manifests its varied form through the seven moles, or unique sauces, and easily marries with Krug Grand Cuvée and Krug Rosé along the journey.

I am inspired, as I know you will be, by this story and the connection with ancestors through preparation and culinary symphony. What’s your ritual? Whether its whiskey, wine, or even tacos, there’s a unique preparation and dedication. Please share with us by tagging @gooddropwineshoppe on social media.

Happy Drinking,
The Good Drop Girls