Schaad Cellars Trampled Pinot Noir 2018

Schaad Cellars Trampled Pinot Noir 2018

Schaad Cellars Trampled Pinot Noir 2018

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"The wine is called trampled for a few reasons. Before it was planted to grapes, the vineyard was used to graze horses. When planting the grapes, they discovered that there were some old vines of Pinot Noir that had been trampled by the horses, and they worked to restore them. These own-rooted old vines develop more complex flavors, while preserving natural acidity. This vineyard is known for its spicy white pepper character and more powerful dark fruits.

In addition to the story behind the vineyard, Forrest also emphasizes the spicy, bold character of the fruit by including a percentage of whole cluster Pinot Noir and foot stomping it." - Ed Hyder

Tasting Notes: This wine embodies the essence of Dundee Hills spice with a touch of white pepper and abundant ripe, concentrated fruit. The palate unfolds with tannins from the stems, followed by notes of cocoa nibs, zante currant, and black pepper, leaning towards a jammy profile for Pinot Noir. With age, the beauty of stem tannins emerges, lending a broad palate weight, making it heavier than your average Pinot.


Since 1903, the Schaad family has been deeply rooted in Oregon’s farming heritage, beginning with a land grant near Newberg, Oregon. In 1953, land was purchased, and the family originally cultivated a variety of crops including walnuts, cherries, and Italian prunes. In 1980, a pivotal decision was made to plant vineyards, replacing black caps, and stone fruits. Witnessing the growing interest in Oregon Pinot Noir, Schaad Cellars steadily expanded their vineyard over the years.

Today, Schaad Cellars commitment to sustainable farming practices is unwavering. All vines are self-rooted and dry farmed. Keeping the land and vines healthy is the key to their great wines.

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